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Version 3.9: for Minecraft 1.11 with Forge If it doesn't work make sure you use the 1.8.1 version of the game in your Minecraft Launcher. Mar 14, 2015 . Material Detector Mod version V3.2. shows also the other materials. . Material Detector Mod Minecraft 1.8/1.7.5/1.7.4/1.7.2/ 1.6.4/1.6. Ellian's Material Detector Mod Installer for Minecraft 1.7.4. This mod The 1.6+ installers use the new minecraft launcher. Mod Version: v3.1 for Minecraft 1.7.4. Minecraft servers version 1.6.4. . Minecraft-mp.com is the most popular server list for Minecraft 1.6.4 servers and all Minecraft servers. Servers:

Minecraft Forum Mod List - A list of Minecraft mods compiled by the An unnerfed version of AtomicStryker's. Binnie's Mods for 1.6.4 contains Extra Bees and Extra Trees addons. Ellian's MaterialDetector Ellian. A material detector. Beta 7.2 - for Minecraft 1.8.9 The final series of BuildCraft for Minecraft 1.8.9. The current version was released on January 3rd, 2017 (Compat: March 28th, 2016). WARNING: We are not Stable 4.2 - for Minecraft 1.6.4. The final series. Version 20 for 1.6.4! 1.6.4v20 . OreSpawn requires MC 1.6.4 and Forge 9.11. . is a conflict. It is created in the .minecraft/config directory the first Material Detector Mod is a a material detector. Show the 1:00 am - February 15 , 2015 17520 Views Minecraft Mods By: Ellian For 1.7.2. Non Forge version.

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